Charla Prof. Dr. Ernst-Erich Doberkat (TU Dortmund)

Este lunes 20 de Octure, a las 11:30 (aula a confirmar), el Prof. Dr. Ernst-Erich Doberkat dictará una charla en el marco del grupo. A continuación los datos de la charla:

Prof. Dr. Ernst-Erich Doberkat, TU Dortmund
Título: Bisimulations For Structuring Markov Transition Systems.
Resumen: Bisimilarity is a key concept in the investigation of concurrent systems; it can be investigated coalgebraically, opening the road for the coalgebraic treatment of stochastic systems, which otherwise would be difficult to undertake. Markov transition systems model probabilistic systems in which the transition among states is represented by probabilistic laws. Stochastic relations lie at the mathematical heart of Markov transition systems. We show in this paper that a stochastic relation can be decomposed along a given congruence so that the parts are bisimilar (with the original relation as a mediating component); this result is the bisimulation analogue to the classical decomposition of algebras through complementary congruences. We apply this technique also to Kripke models for modal logics.

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