Head of group

Pedro R. D'Argenio    Full Professor, Researcher CONICET (Adjunto)

Research Staff

Damián Barsotti    Lecturer
Carlos S. Bederián    Assistant Teacher, CONICET (Profesional Principal)
Laura Brandán Briones    Lecturer, Researcher CONICET (Asistente)
Matías David Lee    Lecturer, Postdoc
Raúl E. Monti    PhD Student CONICET
Pedro Sánchez Terraf    Lecturer, Researcher CONICET (Adjunto)
Nicolás Wolovick    Lecturer

External Collaborators

Nazareno Aguirre    Lecturer, Researcher CONICET (Adjunto)

Former Members

Carlos E. Budde    Currently working at University of Twente
Ricardo Corin    Currently working at Moonlighting
Sergio Giro    Currently working at Prodo
Silvia Pelozo    Currently working at Machinalis
Leonardo Rodríguez    Currently working at McAfee
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