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C. Baier, D'Argenio, P. R., and Größer, M., Partial Order Reduction for Probabilistic Branching Time, Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 153, no. 2, pp. 97-116, 2006.PDF icon paper-21.pdf (432.14 KB)
D. Barsotti and Blanco, J. O., Automatic Refinement of Split Binary Semaphore, in Theoretical Aspects of Computing - ICTAC 2007, 4th International Colloquium, Macau, China, September 26-28, 2007, Proceedings, 2007, vol. 4711, pp. 64-78.
D. Barsotti and Wolovick, N., Automatic Probabilistic Program Verification through Random Variable Abstraction, in Proceedings Eighth Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages, QAPL 2010, 2010, vol. EPTCS 28, pp. 34-47.PDF icon paper-24.pdf (404.61 KB)
D. Barsotti, Implementación eficiente de construcciones de alto nivel para la programación concurrente, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, 2011.PDF icon paper-173.pdf (1.38 MB)
D. Barsotti, Nieto, L. P., and Tiu, A., Verification of clock synchronization algorithms: experiments on a combination of deductive tools, Formal Asp. Comput., vol. 19, pp. 321-341, 2007.
G. Barthe, D'Argenio, P. R., and Rezk, T., Secure Information Flow by Self-Composition, in 17th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop, (CSFW-17 2004), 2004, pp. 100-114.PDF icon paper-27.pdf (1.18 MB)
G. Barthe, D'Argenio, P. R., Finkbeiner, B., and Hermanns, H., Facets of Software Doping, in Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation: Discussion, Dissemination, Applications - 7th International Symposium, (ISoLA 2016), Part II, vol. 9953, T. Margaria and Steffen, B. Springer, 2016, pp. 601-607.PDF icon paper-668.pdf (416.75 KB)
G. Barthe, D'Argenio, P. R., and Rezk, T., Secure information flow by self-composition, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 1207-1252, 2011.PDF icon paper-9.pdf (411.05 KB)
K. Bhargavan, Fournet, C., Corin, R., and Zalinescu, E., Verified Cryptographic Implementations for TLS, ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur., vol. 15, p. 3, 2012.PDF icon paper-183.pdf (981.84 KB)
K. Bhargavan, Corin, R., Deniélou, P. - M., Fournet, C., and Leifer, J. J., Cryptographic Protocol Synthesis and Verification for Multiparty Sessions, in Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium, CSF 2009, Port Jefferson, New York, USA, July 8-10, 2009, 2009, pp. 124-140.PDF icon paper-188.pdf (512.93 KB)
J. O. Blanco, Smith, S., and Barsotti, D., Calculo de programas. Córdoba: Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, 2008.
H. C. Bohnenkamp, D'Argenio, P. R., Hermanns, H., and Katoen, J. - P., MODEST: A Compositional Modeling Formalism for Hard and Softly Timed Systems, IEEE Trans. Software Eng., vol. 32, no. 10, pp. 812-830, 2006.PDF icon paper-22.pdf (1.78 MB)
L. Brandán Briones, Assume-guarantee Reasoning with ioco Testing Relation, in Proceedings of the 22nd IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems: Short Papers, 2010, pp. 103-107.PDF icon paper-182.pdf (562.12 KB)
M. Bravetti and D'Argenio, P. R., Tutte le Algebre Insieme: Concepts, Discussions and Relations of Stochastic Process Algebras with General Distributions, in Validation of Stochastic Systems - A Guide to Current Research, 2004, vol. LNCS 2925, pp. 44-88.PDF icon paper-29.pdf (637.4 KB)
C. E. Budde, Dehnert, C., Hahn, E. Moritz, Hartmanns, A., Junges, S., and Turrini, A., JANI: Quantitative Model and Tool Interaction, in Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 23rd International Conference, TACAS 2017, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2017, pp. 151–168.PDF icon paper-726.pdf (223.9 KB)
C. E. Budde, No determinismo completamente medible en procesos probabilísticos continuos, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, 2012.PDF icon paper-292.pdf (2 MB)
C. E. Budde, D'Argenio, P. R., and Monti, R. E., Compositional Construction of Importance Functions in Fully Automated Importance Splitting, in 10th EAI International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools {VALUETOOLS 2016}, A. Puliafito, Trivedi, K. S., Tuffin, B., Scarpa, M., Machida, F., and Alonso, J. ACM, 2017.PDF icon paper-716.pdf (227.67 KB)
C. E. Budde, A theory for the semantics of continuous systems with stochastic and structural non-determinism, in YR-CONCUR, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013.PDF icon paper-291.pdf (96.98 KB)
C. E. Budde, D'Argenio, P. R., and Hartmanns, A., Better Automated Importance Splitting for Transient Rare Events, in Dependable Software Engineering. Theories, Tools, and Applications - Third International Symposium, {SETTA} 2017, Changsha, China, October 23-25, 2017, Proceedings, vol. 10606, K. G. Larsen, Sokolsky, O., and Wang, J. Springer, 2017, pp. 42–58.PDF icon paper-753.pdf (1.03 MB)
C. E. Budde, D'Argenio, P. R., and Hermanns, H., Rare Event Simulation with Fully Automated Importance Splitting, in Computer Performance Engineering - 12th European Workshop, {EPEW} 2015, Madrid, Spain, August 31 - September 1, 2015, Proceedings, vol. 9272, M. Beltrán, Knottenbelt, W. J., and Bradley, J. T. Springer, 2015, pp. 275–290.PDF icon paper-552.pdf (309.05 KB)
C. E. Budde, D'Argenio, P. R., Sánchez Terraf, P., and Wolovick, N., A Theory for the Semantics of Stochastic and Non-deterministic Continuous Systems, in Stochastic Model Checking. Rigorous Dependability Analysis Using Model Checking Techniques for Stochastic Systems, vol. 8453, A. Remke and D'Argenio, P. R. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014, pp. 67-86.PDF icon paper-513.pdf (976.31 KB)
G. Calin, Crouzen, P., D'Argenio, P. R., Hahn, E. M., and Zhang, L., Time-Bounded Reachability in Distributed Input/Output Interactive Probabilistic Chains, in Model Checking Software - 17th International SPIN Workshop, 2010, vol. LNCS 6349, pp. 193-211.PDF icon paper-11.pdf (315.45 KB)
R. Corin and Manzano, F. A., Efficient Symbolic Execution for Analysing Cryptographic Protocol Implementations, in Engineering Secure Software and Systems - Third International Symposium, ESSoS 2011, Madrid, Spain, February 9-10, 2011. Proceedings, 2011, pp. 58-72.


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