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S. Giro, On the automatic verification of Distributed Probabilistic Automata with Partial Information, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, 2010.PDF icon paper-176.pdf (1.79 MB)
S. Giro and D'Argenio, P. R., Quantitative Model Checking Revisited: Neither Decidable Nor Approximable, in Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems, 5th International Conference, FORMATS 2007, 2007, vol. LNCS 4763, pp. 179-194.PDF icon paper-20.pdf (414.71 KB)
S. Giro, D'Argenio, P. R., and Ferrer Fioriti, L. M., Partial Order Reduction for Probabilistic Systems: A Revision for Distributed Schedulers, in CONCUR 2009 - Concurrency Theory, 20th International Conference, 2009, vol. LNCS 5710, pp. 338-353.PDF icon paper-14.pdf (469.3 KB)
S. Giro and D'Argenio, P. R., On the Expressive Power of Schedulers in Distributed Probabilistic Systems, Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 253, no. 3, pp. 45-71, 2009.PDF icon paper-18.pdf (525.34 KB)
A. Hartmanns, Sedwards, S., and D'Argenio, P. R., Efficient simulation-based verification of probabilistic timed automata, in 2017 Winter Simulation Conference, {WSC} 2017, Las Vegas, NV, USA, December 3-6, 2017, {IEEE}, 2017, pp. 1419–1430.PDF icon paper-778.pdf (145.4 KB)
M. D. Lee and de Vink, E. P., Rooted branching bisimulation as a congruence for probabilistic transition systems, in Proceedings Thirteenth Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages and Systems, London, UK, 11th-12th April 2015, vol. 194, N. Bertrand and Tribastone, M. Open Publishing Association, 2015, pp. 79-94.PDF icon paper-572.pdf (233.09 KB)
M. D. Lee, Semántica de procesos para sistemas interactivos y sistemas probabilísticos, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba, 2013.Binary Data paper-260. (968.3 KB)
M. D. Lee and D'Argenio, P. R., Semantics for Interactive Sequential Systems and Non-Interference Properties, CLEI Electron. J., vol. 14, no. 3, 2011.PDF icon paper-8.pdf (231.62 KB)
M. D. Lee and D'Argenio, P. R., Describing Secure Interfaces with Interface Automata, Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 264, no. 1, pp. 107-123, 2010.PDF icon paper-12.pdf (474.34 KB)
M. D. Lee, Gebler, D., and D'Argenio, P. R., Tree rules in probabilistic transition system specifications with negative and quantitative premises, in Proceedings Combined 19th International Workshop on Expressiveness in Concurrency and 9th Workshop on Structured Operational Semantics, 2012, vol. 89, pp. 115-130.PDF icon paper-122.pdf (192.61 KB)
M. D. Lee and D'Argenio, P. R., A Refinement Based Notion of Non-interference for Interface Automata: Compositionality, Decidability and Synthesis, in SCCC 2010, Proceedings of the XXIX International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society, 2010, pp. 280-289.PDF icon paper-10.pdf (320.38 KB)
M. Lohrey, D'Argenio, P. R., and Hermanns, H., Axiomatising divergence, Inf. Comput., vol. 203, no. 2, pp. 115-144, 2005.PDF icon paper-5.pdf (373.54 KB)
J. Markovski, D'Argenio, P. R., Baeten, J. C. M., and de Vink, E. P., Reconciling real and stochastic time: the need for probabilistic refinement, Formal Aspects of Computing, vol. 24, pp. 497-518, 2012.PDF icon paper-124.pdf (568 KB)
M. Montes, Penazzi, D., and Wolovick, N., Consideraciones Sobre el Voto Electrónico, in 10º Simposio de Informática en el Estado, SIE 2016, 45 JAIIO, 2016, pp. 297-307.PDF icon paper-666.PDF (135.19 KB)
S. S. Pelozo and D'Argenio, P. R., Security Analysis in Probabilistic Distributed Protocols via Bounded Reachability, in Trustworthy Global Computing - 7th International Symposium, TGC 2012, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, September 7-8, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, 2013, vol. 8191, pp. 182-197.PDF icon paper-304.pdf (329.79 KB)
J. Planul, Corin, R., and Fournet, C., Secure Enforcement for Global Process Specifications, in CONCUR 2009 - Concurrency Theory, 20th International Conference, CONCUR 2009, Bologna, Italy, September 1-4, 2009. Proceedings, 2009, pp. 511-526.
H. Ponce de León, Bonigo, G., and Brandán Briones, L., Distributed analysis of diagnosability in concurrent systems, in Proceedings of the 24th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX'13), Jerusalem, Israel, 2013.PDF icon paper-333.pdf (226.67 KB)
N. Wolovick and Johr, S., A Characterization of Meaningful Schedulers for Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes, in Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems, 4th International Conference, FORMATS 2006, 2006, vol. LNCS 4202, pp. 352-367.


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