Computer systems are omnipresent. We continuously interact with them, direct or indirectly. Examples abound: web services, medical systems, mobile devices, automotive, communication networks, the electrical grid, etc. Modern life greatly depends on their proper functioning, and hence, it demands that they provide services that can be justifiably relied upon; that is, that they are dependable. This involves requirements such as safety, reliability, availability, and security that can only be guaranteed through formally based specification and analysis techniques.

In our research group, we seek for mathematical and logical foundations as well as algorithms that contribute to the developments of techniques and tools for specification and analysis of systems with the aim to achieve dependability.

Latest News

Este jueves 1 de diciembre, a las 11:00 en la Sala Smith
Este 22/11 a las 11:00hs en el aula 15, el Dr- Russo dictará la charla "Preserving Privacy with Monads"
Nicolás Wolovick junto a Miguel Montes y Daniel Penazzi presentaron un artículo interesante sobre el tema en la 45 JAIIO
"Compositional Construction of Importance Functions in Fully Automated Importance Splitting"; Budde, D'Argenio, Monti
Input/Output Stochastic Automata Compositionality and Determinism
"A general SOS theory for the specification of probabilistic transition systems" P.R. D'Argenio, D. Gebler, M.D. Lee
4to Taller Argentino de Fundamentos Para El Análisis Y Construcción Automática De Software
Del 15 al 20 de Febrero de 2016 se realiza la nueva edición de la escuela en la UNRC
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